Reading MPs vote different ways on the EU withdrawal bill

The EU withdrawal bill passed its first parliamentary test on the night of 11 September by 326 votes to 290. Both Reading MPs Matt Rodda (Reading East, Labour) and Alok Sharma (Reading West, Conservative) voted in line with their respective parties; Matt Rodda voted against the bill and Alok Sharma voted for it.

Earlier in the debate, the shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer (Labour) had attempted to amend the bill, saying that although the EU referendum result had to be honoured,

… the bill fails to protect and reassert the principle of parliamentary sovereignty by handing sweeping powers to government ministers allowing them to bypass parliament on key decisions, without any meaningful or guaranteed parliamentary scrutiny…

The amendment also said that in its current form the bill risked weakening human rights and could result in UK workers’ rights and environmental protection falling behind that in the EU.

Matt Rodda voted for this amendment and Alok Sharma against, both in line with their respective parties, and the amendment was defeated by 318 to 296 votes.

The unamended EU withdrawal bill will now be scrutinised in parliamentary committees.

  1. Matt Rodda’s parliamentary record
  2. Alok Sharma’s parliamentary record
  3. Matt Rodda’s website
  4. Alok Sharma’s website
  5. EU withdrawal bill debate and divisions in parliament

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