Milman Road Health Centre to further engage with patients and the community

The Milman Road Health Centre patient participation group (PPG) discussed parking, the impact of the health centre on the local community and newsletters on Saturday 2 September.

Ten people attended the PPG, including chair Christopher Mott and the newly elected secretary Anne-Marie Dykes, who is also the health centre’s senior manager.

Attendee Paul Williams said that patients parking illegally in Milman Road and Mitcham Close, as well as pharmacy and health centre deliveries, had been causing difficulties for local residents.

“I have a problem with walking, so I have to come in the car,” added another committee member at the meeting. “You can be late for your appointment because you can’t find anywhere to park.”

Anne-Marie Dykes said that she had been conducting an informal parking survey and there was usually space available for patients in the health centre’s own car park, although she added that the current signage could be improved.

Paul Williams suggested that a representative from New Christ Church primary school could be invited to future PPGs, as well as a local councillor and someone from the pharmacy on the ground floor, so that community, traffic and health issues could be communicated better.

Christopher Mott said that the health centre should publish a newsletter that contained surgery information, health and PPG news. Anne-Marie Dykes said that the practice will ask patients for permission to use their email addresses to send this circular, when they visit the surgery.

“This is key to our communication,” said Anne-Marie Dykes, although she added that contacting all 15 thousand patients, including those who don’t regularly visit the surgery, could be prohibitively expensive.

The chair also suggested the surgery set up a noticeboard in waiting or reception areas to share information with patients, which would include the photographs and names of key staff at the centre.

Ethnicity of Milman Road Health Centre patients

Paul Williams asked for the membership of the PPG to be representative of the practice’s patients. Anne-Marie Dykes presented graphs (shown here) indicating that the health centre’s patients include a relatively high proportion of children and young adults and that the PPG needs more Asian and ‘other white’ (ie European) representatives.

Age and gender of Milman Road Health Centre patients

The health centre’s next PPG meeting will be at 10am on Saturday 9 December. Subsequent meetings are planned for the second Saturday every three months (March, June, September and December). The PPG is open to any patient at the Milman Road Health Centre, which is also known as the practice of Dr Mittal and partners.

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