Remembering Rob Rose

Rob Rose (right)

Mick Jagger was not the only musical luminary to grace Milman Road. Musician Rob Rose, who died in 2014, lived on the road from 2012.

Family, friends and musicians gathered together in the sunlit Eldon Gardens this August to remember Rob, who is so sadly missed by us all, but especially by the love of his life, Alison Rolls. She invited us all here on the anniversary of his birthday to play, unplugged, amidst the green shade of the gardens and in sight of Rob’s memorial bench.

Rob and Alison were soulmates who had shared a good deal of musical history together in the Reading musical scene, stretching back to the 70s, through the 80s, the 90s and into the new millennium. After seven years together as a couple, they set up home in Milman Road in 2012. Rob left us at a tragically young age, but leaves a stunning musical legacy; who will ever forget his sizzling Move on Up.

It was a moving occasion, with so many great local musicians (Jason Manners, Dave Gray and Lawrie Wright to name a few, and of course, the wonderful Alison Rolls herself) paying musical tribute to that special man, who was, and is, Rob Rose.

RIP Rob; thank you for the music.

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