Classical music comes back to the Rising Sun in August

Classical music returns to the Rising Sun Arts Centre on Silver Street this summer. The new season opened in May with Maija Varvatsis playing selections from JS Bach’s the well-tempered clavier and a few of his inventions.

Some 30 people, including several children and Maija’s new baby, listened to the Bach concert in near silence, interrupted only by the occasional sound of mopeds put-putting or lorries rumbling along Silver Street.

The Rising Sun is an eccentric and somewhat ramshackle venue which lends an air of relaxed and friendly bohemianism to a classical concert. People drank mugs of tea and bottles of beer whilst listening to Maija’s bright, tuneful playing. It’s a world away from the starchy, formal adulation you occasionally find in London’s temples to classical music, and probably closer to the family environment in which Bach’s music was composed; he had about 20 children from two marriages, after all.

The proceeds from the May concert were split between the arts centre and the charity Fibromyalgia Action UK. The next classical for charity concert at the Rising Sun Arts Centre is a twentieth century music special on Saturday 19 August at 12.30pm.


  1. Rising Sun Arts Centre
  2. Classical for Charity
  3. Fibromyalgia Action UK

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