Scarlet 9 bus route changed again

Reading Buses’ scarlet 9 route will change from Monday 24 July. It will still connect Whitley with the Royal Berkshire Hospital and the town centre, but will no longer run along Northumberland Avenue or follow the Shinfield Road into town.

The current route was implemented after the Whitley Community Development Association funded a research project with Reading University to improve Whitley’s public transport links.

“We have tried for two years to get more customers using the scarlet route, including the rerouting as advised by the research, but the numbers are simply too low,” explained a spokesperson from Reading Buses.

The new route will connect Whitley with the town centre via Elm Road and Whiteknights Road rather than via Shinfield Road, following a longer route east of the Whiteknights university campus rather than the more direct route west of it.

The scarlet 9 service’s current half-hourly timetable will be replaced by an hourly one, and it will no longer run on Sundays.

There are also minor changes to the emerald 5 & 6 timetable, but leopard 3 & 10  routes will be unaffected.

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  3. Whitley Community Development Association website and Facebook
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  5. Proposal to change scarlet 9 bus route

One thought on “Scarlet 9 bus route changed again

  1. Lovely for Harris Garden and sightseeing but is that really a practical route ? I know these things aren’t easy but hasn’t the round the uni bit got its own little bus already ? I fear that it’s too complex a route and takes folk off on a bewildering tangent. I don’t want people finding my own Cocktail bar, pop up pub (park bench) and disturbing my makeshift peace camp either.


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