Quality of teaching at Palmer Academy is “consistently good”

Ofsted has rated the Palmer Academy primary school on Northumberland Avenue as good, praising the quality of teaching as “consistently good across the school.”

Ofsted is the public body that inspects children’s education services in England. It reports that Palmer Academy teachers plan imaginative activities for pupils, and that pupils achieve well in reading, writing and maths.

Disadvantaged, disabled or special-needs pupils now do as well as any other pupil because they get effective support specific to their needs.

Ofsted reports:

Inclusion is a strength of the school. All pupils are equally valued and treated fairly. Adults care for pupils and consequently pupils feel
safe in school.

The school’s executive head teachers Robert Wyld and Salima Ducker, as well as the deputy head teacher Dominic Prendergast said:

We are all incredibly proud that the Palmer Academy has been rated ‘good’ by Ofsted in our recent inspection. The journey to ‘good’ has been a challenging and rewarding one involving many members of staff, parents, pupils and representatives from REAch2 Academy Trust.

Ofsted’s previous report into the school in 2015 said that the quality of teaching at the school required improvement and pupils did not achieve as well as they could.

In their new report, Ofsted noted that some teachers occasionally don’t keep to the school’s marking and feedback policy, which may slow pupils’ progress, and that sometimes the work given to pupils isn’t challenging enough.

“We are very pleased that Ofsted have recognised the progress the school has made over the last four years; this is reflected in a very strong report,” said Dominic Prendergast. “We view the report as part of our ongoing cycle of improvement rather than the ‘end goal’ and are delighted that the inspecting team agreed with our own evaluation of the school and what we needed to focus on in the immediate future.”


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