Cuckooing, drugs and exploitation in south Reading

The south Reading neighbourhood action group (NAG) will host an event on Thursday 13 July to discuss ‘cuckooing’, drugs and the sexual exploitation of minors.

‘Cuckooing’ is when a drug dealer takes over the home of a vulnerable person and uses it for criminal activity. The meeting will explore what residents and other agencies can do to tackle these issues, which can affect communities in south Reading and nationally.

“The event will be in a world cafĂ© style, with speakers to introduce the topics, followed by residents discussing their thoughts and questions in small groups,” said Reading Borough Council neighbourhood initiatives officer Ebony George.

“Please join us for refreshments and a conversation on how these issues affect south Reading and how we can work together to prevent them,” she said.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 13 July at 7pm to 8.30pm at the South Reading Youth Centre, Northumberland Avenue RG2 7QA. Refreshments will be provided.


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