A win for Reading travellers and taxi drivers

Taxi drivers’ placard from 4 April

The Whitley Pump’s travel correspondent was pleased to note that the taxi rank in front of Reading station has been reinstated on a temporary basis.

Returning from a recent trip twinning a Bills Horse Trough with the real Whitley Pump, the additional inconvenience, not to say struggle, with luggage from the RailAir drop off point to the Station Hill taxi rank was not appreciated. It also cost more for the journey back to the Whitley Pump offices at the top of Katesgrove Hill.

The respite is welcome from the apparently inevitable relocation when the Station Hill redevelopment starts. A review of the closure seemed impossible after a negative response was received to petitions from Reading taxi drivers and taxi users at the strategic environment, transport and planning committee meeting on 4 AprilTaxi drivers also protested outside the Civic Offices in advance of the meeting and two representatives spoke at the meeting.


  1. Temporary re-opening of “horseshoe” taxi rank
  2. Strategic Environment, Transport and Planning committee 4 April 2017 papers and webcast
  3. Wycheproof Trough – Twinned with the Whitley Pump

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