CQC gives Dr Mittal’s surgery a clean bill of health

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out a ‘focussed inspection’ on Dr Mittal’s Milman Road Surgery in May and rated it as ‘good.’

The CQC, the English health and social care regulator, said that they had carried out this ‘focussed inspection’ because of “the significant increase in the number of patients registered at the practice and to follow up issues of concern received by the CQC.”

Dr Mittal’s surgery took on approximately 5000 more patients when Dr Kumar’s surgery closed. The CQC had said that Dr Kumar’s surgery had required improvement¬†in its provision of ‘effective services’, and that they had breached regulations. The CQC were critical of how the surgery had managed the refurbishments in 2016.

After the more recent May 2017 inspection, the CQC concluded that:

Dr Mittal’s surgery had systems and processes in place to provide effective services for all patients.

The CQC also said they had received concerns about how Dr Mittal’s surgery deals with requests for home visits and the production of prescriptions. They concluded that:

Dr Mittal’s practice had appropriate systems in place to address these concerns.

Dr Mittal’s newly merged surgery will be holding a patient participation group, open to all users of the surgery, on 10 July at 5.30pm.


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