How was your Big Lunch and Great Get Together?

By David Neale.

On the weekend of 17-18 June, communities all over the country got together for the annual Big Lunch event, where neighbours gather for a meal, street party or picnic. As well as the Big Lunch, many communities were also participating in the ‘Great Get-Together’, a national event marking the anniversary of the death of the MP Jo Cox and celebrating her life.

The weather was hot and sunny, and plenty of neighbourhoods in Reading held events as well as street parties all over town. There was the Newtown Community Day at Orts Road Green on Saturday and the ‘More in Common Picnic’ at Palmer Park.

Street parties included the Bell Tower Community Association’s annual party in Newport Road (pictured), featuring a barbecue provided by the local pub, a family drumming workshop with a host from music charity Readipop, three live music acts and plenty of games and activities for people of all ages. There will be further street parties in Reading on the weekend of 1-2 July, when Reading Borough Council has offered a second weekend of street closures with no legal fees.

You can tell the Reading Neighbourhood Network  about your Big Lunch or Great Get-together by sending your story and pictures to

This article was originally published by the Reading Neighbourhood Network.


  1. Reading Neighbourhood Network
  2. The Big Lunch and Great Get-Together: tell us about your party!

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