Katesgrove on the tourist trail

Margaret Simons, Richard Bennett, chair of Reading Civic Society, and Matt Rodda

Katesgrove has been firmly placed on the Reading tourist trail following walks arranged by Reading Civic Society over the weekend. Organised around the two town centre conservation areas, the walks were to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the first conservation area.

Both walks ended in Katesgrove; one at the former British School on Southampton Street and the other at the top of London Street, in front of the site of Huntley & Palmers first biscuit factory and opposite the site of Huntley Boorne and Stevens tin factory.

The walks were led by Margaret Simons who pointed out significant heritage and architectural features along the routes.

The first walk was given a send off by Katesgrove councillor and Reading East MP, Matt Rodda who is a Reading Borough Council representative on Reading Conservation Area Advisory Committee (pictured).

There is a promise of repeat walks being run during the Heritage Open Days this year 7-10 September. If you can’t wait that long then try the Whitley Pump self guided walk around the Christchurch Conservation area.


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2 thoughts on “Katesgrove on the tourist trail

  1. I saw the picture and just for a moment – just a second – I thought it was referring to our new MP as a tourist. I thought (incorrectly): “That’s a bit harsh, he’s only just been elected!”.

    Do excuse me, I need a cup of tea and a lie down.


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