Katesgrove included in two guided town centre walks

Reading Civic Society will commemorate the 50th anniversary of conservation areas this year by organising guided conservation area walks, including some on London Street and Southampton Street in Katesgrove.

Historic England says that conservation areas:

… can be created where a local planning authority identifies an area of special architectural or historic interest, which deserves careful management to protect that character.

Reading borough has fifteen conservation areas and the closest to the Whitley Pump is the Christchurch Conservation Area.

The Market Place/ London Street walk ‘A Walk on the Dark Side’ will take place on:

16 June from 2pm-3.30pm
18 June from 11am-12.30pm

On this walk, Reading Civic Society promises that:

… we shall hear about Huntley Boorne and Stevens (the biscuit tin maker for Huntley) … and the history of the building which is currently the After Dark Club.

The St Mary’s Butts/ Castle Street walk ‘Bibles, bags, beer and books’ will take place on:

16 June from 9.30am-11.30am
18 June 2.30pm-4pm

Reading Civic Society says about this walk that:

We … head up to the former British School, the Lancastrian School, towards the top of Southampton Street.

The walks will be guided by local historian Dr Margaret Simons.

The walks are free but a donation of £3 on the day is recommended. Numbers are limited to 15 per walk and all four walks can booked using Eventbrite, following the links for each walk above.


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