Street lighting LED replacement project

The project to replace Reading’s street lighting with energy efficient LEDs (light-emitting diodes) reaches more streets in Katesgrove from 12 June.

The two year programme started in April this year. 1,592 lamp posts in Reading will be replaced in the period until August, of which 176 will be in Katesgrove.

The Department of Transport’s challenge fund contributed 70% (£6.9m) of the cost of the project and Reading Borough Council (RBC) the remainder.

RBC say that if the lantern is already LED or the lamp post is in good condition, then it will not be replaced:

The new LED lanterns will radiate white light, with a neutral colour temperature, compared to older yellow light lanterns.

We will also be extending the use of our Central Management System to control and manage the lighting.

Although LED street lighting enables energy and cost saving, it is sometimes opposed because of concerns over the impact of the white light on wildlife and sleep patterns.

You can download a street-by-street provisional timetable for the changes and a list of frequently asked questions from the RBC website. If you have any further questions, you can e-mail


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