Taking a dive for the Progress Theatre

A team of eight, including members of the Progress Theatre, will take part in a skydive on 11 June to raise money to resurface the theatre’s car park.

Actor Paul Gallantry (pictured) has appeared in How do I love thee at the Progress Theatre and will perform there in Harold Pinter’s Betrayal later this year.

“The Progress Theatre is a hugely worthy cause as it serves the community and acts as a springboard and inspiration for local people,” said Paul. “It has an impact well beyond what the majority of small theatres achieve.”

Sam Green (pictured) is the youngest of the skydivers.

“As a child, drama and theatre helped me a lot with my confidence and I know Progress Theatre are doing a lot too with regards to youth theatre,” he said.

You can help the Progress Theatre raise the £20,000 it needs for its car park through its fund raising page.


  1. Progress Theatre
  2. Progress Youth Theatre
  3. Progress fund raising

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