Bank holiday view of Katesgrove

One of the more surprising views of Katesgrove is from the western side of the Kennet on Berkeley Avenue.

From this point the backs of houses on Elgar Road and Francis Street can be seen in the foreground. In the distance, Hill Street tumbles down to join Pell Street.

Other surprising views of and from Katesgrove are out there to be discovered. Whitley Pump has a Historypin profile where some Katesgrove views have already been shared.

Historypin is a public online community for sharing images, video and sound recordings of historic significance. Within Historypin, the location of the content is recorded by ‘pinning’ to Google maps.

You can add your favourite views to the Whitley Pump collection by following these instructions. Please include a short description of why you like the view or think it is important. You can also add a comment to the photographs already uploaded to the collection.


  1. Historypin
  2. Whitley Pump on Historypin
  3. Katesgrove views

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