RG2 Whitley Radio is on its way!

WCDA trustee Micky Leng (L), radio station manager Charles Carrington aka MC Napthali (R) and Whitley resident Ellis at the back.

Whitley is going to get a new radio station called “RG2 Whitley Radio”. They will broadcast over the internet from RG2WhitleyRadio.com and they are looking for input from the local community.

The radio station already has a temporary studio, as well as equipment to record, schedule and broadcast programmes. They also plan to develop an app to allow people to listen over a smart phone.

“We believe that the exchange of ideas encouraged on this station will serve to strengthen and enrich the bonds between the diverse groups within our community,” said station manager Charles Carrington.

They will be playing soul, funk and roots reggae all night and weekends and may find space for a northern soul slot. They plan to get regular contributions from James Jameson, DJ Centy, MC Napthali, DJ Ruben Ire, Sweet Sensation and Pete Precise, The Firm, Rudie Rich and Darkcide International and a guest slot for DJ Dids.

The most exciting part of the new station is that they need input from the community. They would like to publicise local events and groups, as well as broadcast local interest reports and run advertisements for local businesses.

The radio station was set up in partnership with the Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA) and is looking for a permanent home.

If you have an idea or want to help out, then contact Charles Carrington 07941 539807 or WCDA trustee Micky Leng on 07753 311110 or mleng@hotmail.co.uk. You could also pay a visit to the Whitley Social Club and Cafe on Northumberland Avenue.


  1. RG2 Whitley Radio
  2. Whitley Community Development Association
  3. Whitley Social Club and Cafe
  4. Internet radio

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