Radis Community Care fixes regulatory breach

The English health and social care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), re-inspected Radis Community Care on 4 April 2017 after a regulatory breach was found during a previous inspection.

Radis provide community-based social care and support for vulnerable adults and children across the UK, including council-funded services at Cedar Court extra care housing on Whitley Rise (pictured).

Although the previous inspection also rated Radis as ‘good’, the CQC also identified a breach in the Health and Social Care Act:

People’s rights may not always have been protected because it was not always clear care and treatment was provided with the consent of the relevant person.

The CQC now say :

We found staff understood the need to obtain day to day consent from people before providing their support and people confirmed they did this. People and their representatives had been involved in planning the care and had consented to care plans.


  1. CQC report into Radis Community Care (Reading)
  2. CQC ratings
  3. South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group
  4. Radis Community Care on Silver Street rated ‘good’
  5. Cedar Court extra care housing.

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