Speed poet WT Vanderpump comes to Katesgrove

Acclaimed dadaist speed poet WT Vanderpump comes to Reading this month and has offered an original poem to every reader of the Whitley Pump.

WT embarked on a tour of performance poetry across the UK this earlier this year, which will climax in a “dada of the dead” performance in Reading Cemetery on halloween.

WT specialises in swift, impressionistic poetry intended to subvert reserve and convention.

“I started performance poetry in the Netherlands in the 1970s, a time when poetic rebellion was to recite in the style of Verlaine, but without mentioning Rimbaud, if outside Amsterdam. Since then, I have increasingly found that the most realistic way of describing the human condition is through randomness and ridicule.”

One of WT’s signature stunts is to dash off a short poem in a few minutes based on a given text, a technique WT calls ‘literary modernism.’

“The technique is inspired by visual artists, who, since the impressionists, have tried to capture the immediacy of the world and rawness of human response in rough rather than refined painting.”

You can claim your free, custom dadaist poem, each inspired by a Whitley Pump article, by sending an email to wtvanderpump@gmail.com with a subject line “send me a poem”.


  1. WT Vanderpump
  2. Locals poetry night at South Street Arts Centre
  3. ‘My Word’ Poetry at the Rising Sun Arts Centre
  4. Poetry Society, Berkshire

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