Long Barn Lane surgery now rated as ‘good’

The  English health and social care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), inspected Long Barn Surgery in March 2017 and rated it as ‘good’. The CQC had reported in July 2016 that the surgery was inadequately led.

The CQC remarked that, for the Long Barn Lane practice :

Child immunisation rates were below national average for most of the standard immunisations.

Some patient health screening data showed the practice was below the national average, although they were in line with local averages.

77% of patients said the GP gave them enough time compared to the CCG [South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group] average of 81% and the national average of 87%.

The CQC added that, in their view, patients were treated with dignity, compassion and respect. The practice was now good at caring for people with mental health or dementia; a service that the CQC had previously reported required improvement. Practice governance had also improved:

The practice had a clear vision and strategy to deliver high quality care and promote good outcomes for patients. Staff were clear about the vision and their responsibilities in relation to it.


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  2. CQC ratings
  3. Long Barn Lane Surgery
  4. South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group

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