The Whitley Pump roundabout needs attention!

We couldn’t help noticing that the Whitley Pump roundabout was looking a little dejected on the day of the Reading half marathon. Years ago it was on the route of the race, but not any more.

The roundabout is looking overgrown, weedy and litter strewn.

This is one of many roundabouts that are available for sponsorship from Reading Borough Council (RBC).  It costs £4,000 a year to advertise on the Whitley Pump roundabout. Prices for roundabout advertising in the borough vary from £2,000 to £8,000 and budget options are available to sponsor only one or two signs.

The scheme does not seem to be very popular with advertisers as only four of the 19 available locations are currently taken. These are on the main routes into Reading at the junction of Imperial Way and the A33, the junction of Caversham Road and Richfield Avenue, the  junction of Forbury Road and Kenavon Drive and junction of Norcot and Oxford Roads.

If the fifteen ‘to let’ roundabouts were sponsored, then RBC would have another £65,000 income and it is clear that the money is needed.


  1. Reading borough Council roundabout sponsorship