Opportunities for new Reading playwrights

Two of Reading’s theatre companies, Reading Between the Lines and the Progress Theatre have launched competitions for new plays.

In their WriteFest 2017, the Progress theatre is looking for new plays of 10-20 minutes long, which have to be submitted to them by Saturday 1 April. Winning entries will be performed on 6-9 September.

The winner of the Find A Reading Writer 2017 competition run by Reading Between the Lines will write one of four new plays for Off the Block performed at South Street Arts Centre on Friday 5 May. The competition itself will be run on Sunday 9 April and if you’d like to be considered you should sent a CV and covering letter to writers@readingbetweenthelines.co.uk .


  1. Progress Theatre
  2. Reading Between the Lines

One thought on “Opportunities for new Reading playwrights

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