Katesgrove bus services cancelled for the Reading half marathon

Road closures for this year’s Reading half marathon on Sunday 19 March mean that Katesgrove bus services will be cancelled for most of the morning.

Reading buses have published a list of bus cancellations and route diversions which take into account planned road closures for the event.

Bus route Cancellation times Stops not in use
Emerald 5
Northumberland Avenue to Reading
8.37am – 1.44pm all stops out of use
Emerald 5
Reading to Northumberland Avenue
8.17am – 1.17pm all stops out of use
Emerald 6 and 6a
Whitley Wood to Reading
8.52am – 1.06pm all stops out of use
Emerald 6 and 6a
Reading to Whitley Wood
8.32am – 12.44pm all stops out of use
Scarlet 9
Whitley Wood to Reading
(times from Buckland Road junction)
8.38am – 1.38pm all stops out of use
Scarlet 9
Reading to Whitley Wood
8.22am – 1.20pm all stops out of use

They say that:

Where roads are reopened earlier than expected, our buses will revert back to normal routes as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for up-to-the-minute information.


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