Compromise on Whitley Street loading bays

Top of Whitley Street

Reading Borough Council (RBC) has agreed to proceed with a compromise solution on the proposed Whitley Street loading bays brokered by Katesgrove councillor Rose Williams.

The original proposal was that some existing car parking space near the shops on Whitley Street should be replaced with lorry loading bays, in part to cater for deliveries to Tesco’s.

“There is a serious shortage of parking spaces on Whitley Street,” Katesgrove councillor Matt Rodda told RBC’s traffic management committee on Thursday 9 March. “Since the Tesco’s was opened on the parade, bigger delivery vehicles have started to arrive.”

Councillor Rose Williams had negotiated a compromise in which the newly designated lorry bay would only be used for loading from 6am-10am. This was intended to reduce disturbance to other businesses, especially restaurants and cafés whose main business was from lunchtime into the evening.

Councillor Rodda said that traders on Whitley Street, as well as residents and shoppers, had signed a petition calling on the council to carefully examine the compromise solution.


  1. 2 March deadline for consultation on Whitley Street lorry loading bays
  2. Reading borough council traffic management committee