Window envelopes can go in the recycling – but bin collection changes will be challenging

window envelope

All residents should have received a letter from the council setting out the changes that are taking place on bin collection days. There will also be a stricter regime in place on what will and will not be collected.

Reading Borough Council say that the changes are being put in place to make savings and increase the proportion of rubbish that is recycled.

The changes are:

  • Closed bin policy: Only bins with closed lids will be collected.
  • No side waste: Excess waste and items left at the side of the bin will not be collected.
  • One bin policy: The council will collect one standard 240 litre grey bin and at least one recycling bin/box from domestic properties on a fortnightly basis. Larger bins may be available in some circumstances. A review of properties with more than one grey bin will be carried out to determine whether the extra capacity is necessary.
  • Recycling: Red bins/boxes will not be collected if they contain incorrect items, such as black plastic bags and plastic carrier bags, food waste, yoghurt pots, meat trays, butter tubs, glass bottles and jars or textiles.

Whitley Pump asked about window envelopes and have been told that they can be recycled, so it is not necessary to tear out the window and put that in a grey bin and the rest of the envelope in a red bin.

The next few weeks may be challenging for residents and council staff as the new regime settles in.

The council say:

If we are unable to empty your bin we will put a tag on your handle to tell you why and the action you will need to take so your bin is emptied next time.

The new service standards were presented at the July 2016 Housing, Neighbourhoods and Leisure Committee.


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