Elgar Road pavement improvements

Improvements have been made to pedestrian access at the crossroads at the north end of Elgar Road. Famous for being the meeting place of a road (Elgar), a lane (Katesgrove), an avenue (Berkeley) and a street (Pell), it had become a bit of a bottleneck.

A very large and beautiful tree had expanded to such an extent that it all but blocked the pavement.

Work by Reading Borough Council and Katesgrove Community Association has widened the footpath by moving the fence back a couple of feet or so off the street. It is now possible to pass the tree easily with shopping bags or a pushchair.

A little improvement that means a lot to anyone who regularly uses this route.


  1. Reading Borough Council
  2. Katesgrove Community Association – Facebook

2 thoughts on “Elgar Road pavement improvements

  1. That’s certainly good news but generally in Katesgrove the condition of some of the pavements is appalling, parts of Sherman Road where I live and adjoining West Hill, in particular. They’re still scarred by cable TV installations 20 (?) years ago and while I know money is tight it would be nice to think that improvements might be made – some day….


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