Jacksons closed three years ago today

Jacksons December 2013
Jacksons department store, once dominating the corner of Kings Road and the High Street, closed three years ago today on 24 December 2013.

The closure was followed by an immensely well attended auction in January 2014. Shop fixtures and fittings, the famous pneumatic tube system for transporting cash and invoices, mannequins, cupboards, coat hangers and other memorabilia were sold off to the highest bidder. The Jacksons website lingers on as a kind of digital revenant.

The ‘Jacksons Corner’ sign will be preserved as part of the conversion to flats and retail units. The development was approved by the planning applications committee on 7 December 2016.

Jacksons corner earlier this year

Earlier this year, Whitley Pump published a poem called Jackson’s  by Victoria Pugh
with illustrations by Jane Burnett.


  1. Jacksons of Reading
  2. Jacksons of Reading dispersal sale
  3. Planning applications committee 7 December 2016 – papers
  4. Jackson’s

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