Katesgrovians asked for opinion on IDR underpass

Users of the IDR underpass between Katesgrove Lane and the County Lock were asked their opinion on Thursday 15 December.

Katesgrove Residents’ Association (KCA) needs the views of IDR underpass users to get funding to improve its state. The anti-graffiti protection on the decorated tiles within the tunnel has failed, and the decoration itself is also coming away.

The survey exercise is likely to be repeated one evening to get the views of people coming home from work.

Officers from Thames Valley Police took also the opportunity to talk to local residents about problems in the area, such as anti-social behaviour and drug abuse.


  1. Katesgrove Community Association website and Facebook page
  2. Katesgrove councillors
  3. Thames Valley Police
  4. CCTV camera to be set up in Katesgrove Lane to tackle drug abuse

2 thoughts on “Katesgrovians asked for opinion on IDR underpass

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