Dr Kumar’s Milman Road surgery “requires improvement”

Entrance via the Pharmacy

Entrance via the Pharmacy

The  English health and social care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), inspected Dr Kumar’s Milman Road surgery in October and reported that it was safe, caring and well-led, but required improvement in effectiveness and responsiveness.

The CQC said that the surgery’s patients were treated with compassion, dignity and respect and the practice partners encouraged a culture of openness and honesty.

But they also said :

The practice had not identified [that] their lower than national average performance in cancer screening programmes reduced the opportunity for early detection of cancers.

One patient out of 20 diagnosed with learning disabilities had received an annual health check. Medical conditions could have gone undiagnosed.

They were also critical about how the practice had managed patients’ needs during the recent refurbishment:

The practice had undergone an extensive refurbishment to provide better facilities for patients. However, the refurbishment had been planned by the practice’s landlords. The practice had not taken the opportunity to provide improved internal access for patients who used wheelchairs. Internal doors to the reception area and waiting rooms were difficult to open for patients in wheelchairs or those with pushchairs and prams.


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