Henry I by local artist Robert Fitzmaurice


An unexpected bonus at the performances of Henry I of England by Reading Between the Lines, is the exhibition in the bar area.

The display includes a new woodcut of Henry I by Katesgrove artist Robert Fitzmaurice, ‘a reflection on power, fate and mortality’,  produced especially for the occasion. The king is depicted in (almost) the traditional pose with the wreck of the White Ship in one hand and Reading Abbey in the other.

The prints are available in a limited edition of 12, at a price of £85 mounted and unframed and £125 framed. They can be purchased during the interval of performances.

The last performance is Saturday 19 November.


  1. Henry I of England at St James Church
  2. Robert Fitzmarice website
  3. Katesgrove artist Robert Fitzmaurice opens his studio
  4. Forthcoming solo exhibition – the peace which passes all understanding 

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