Anathema Concert Review

Anathema 081116

Tuesday 8 November 2016
Sub89, Friar Street, Reading

On a cold wet Tuesday night, a band from Liverpool came to entertain a cosmopolitan crowd of approximately 500 in Sub89.

Anathema, formerly a romantic doom metal band, have now become peerless progressive rockers. Their songs express a feeling of depression and, more often than not, desperation. The lengthy songs have driving melodies that build and build to a rousing and crippling emotional climax. The band’s female singer, Lee Douglas, whose gorgeous voice leads pathos to many heavy songs, was on fine form. The band played for two hours and left us feeling warm enough to float up Katesgrove Hill through the drizzle. A four star experience.

For the aficionados, the ‘set list’ with their respective albums was:

Got You To (new)
Untouchable 1 (weather systems)
Untouchable 2 (weather systems)
Thin air (we’re here because we’re here)
A simple mistake (we’re here because we’re here)
Ariel (distant satellites)
Springfield (new)
The storm before the calm (weather systems)
The beginning and the end (weather systems)
Universal (we’re here because we’re here)
Closer (a natural disaster)
Firelight (distant satellites)
Distant satellites (distant satellites)
Bricks (new)
The optimist (new)
Disaster (new)
Fragile Dreams (Alternative 4)

Anathema live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on Youtube.

Upcoming tour dates:
14 November at Wolverhampton Slade Rooms,
15 November at Southampton Engine Rooms.

Tickets from stereoboard.


  1.  Anathema website