35 Christchurch Road at the Planning Applications Committee

Plans to convert 35 Christchurch Road from 12 HMO units (house in multiple occupation) to 11 self-contained flats were accepted at the planning applications committee on 12 October.

The original proposal had been deferred from the planning applications committee in October 2015 while negotiations took place on an affordable housing contribution from the developer. Since then there has been a change in the policy on contributions from small sites.

The affordable housing policy described in the papers to the committee now excludes:

…proposals that solely involve the conversion of an existing property, where the conversion involves the provision of 10 or less dwelling units (i.e. not HMOs), or the replacement of dwellings by the same number of replacement dwellings where there is no net increase.

The developer reduced the number of units to 10 after this change; this is below the threshold at which affordable housing contribution is payable.

Councillor Gavin  said the house had huge presence on the corner of Kendrick and Christchurch roads. She went on to say:

There is absolutely no reason for us to refuse this application; it is exactly the same as the previous application in terms of how it will affect the neighbourhood… the parking arrangements, everything is the same about it except that now the developer has avoided making any contribution to this town and I just think that’s sad really and I think it’s not in the spirit of how we would like to work with developers [1:45:30].

The recommendation to accept the application was agreed with 15 conditions including that “the layout and number of units to be retained as shown on the approved plans.”


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