Katesgrove Community Association “going from strength to strength”

The Katesgrove Community Association (KCA) changed its constitution and elected a new chair, vice-chair and treasurer at its annual general meeting (AGM) on 7 October.

The new KCA chair is Abby Knowles, the new vice-chair is Warren Swaine and the new treasurer is Dan Knowles. There were no other nominations for the posts, and the role of secretary remains unfilled.

The outgoing acting KCA chair, Dan Knowles, said the old constitution was restrictive and needed to be changed to meet modern requirements for accessibility and transparency.

“The community association has been running on very dated constitution,” added the AGM chairman, Chris Bloomfield, Reading Borough Council neighbourhood initiatives manager. “Having looked at it professionally, my view is that [the new constitution] is fit for purpose and I would commend it to you.”

The new constitution was approved by 23 votes; there were two votes against and three abstentions.

More than twenty people attended the AGM and residents raised concerns about the technicalities of allowing electronic voting, now allowed by the new constitution. KCA officers agreed to look into the mechanics of the process.

There were worries that the audit of the organisation’s accounts was not available and this was promised for the KCA meeting in November.  Chris Bloomfield recognised this was an important issue, stating that although there were no suggestions of financial problems with the KCA, other voluntary organisations had experienced such problems.  “Audits need to be accessible,” he said.

“I have been charting the progress of the KCA for many years; it’s going from strength to strength,” said Chris Bloomfield.  “Katesgrove would be a worse place without it.”


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  2. Reading Borough Council neighbourhood strategy

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