Katesgrove Community Association to allow online voting

The Katesgrove Community Association (KCA) plans a radical overhaul of its constitution to allow online voting and to reduce the number of people required to make decisions.

“The old constitution was accepted in 1981 and is outdated and restrictive,” said Abby Knowles, KCA treasurer.

The proposed new constitution, written with the help of Reading Borough Council, will be discussed and voted on at the KCA’s annual general meeting (AGM) on 7 October, to which all Katesgrove residents are invited.

The new constitution will allow committee members to hold their position for three rather than two years, and to make it easier to conduct business by reducing the number of people required to vote on decisions or to challenge committee members.

“We want to make it more transparent, too,” said Dan Knowles, KCA chair, referring to a clause in the old constitution that allowed the committee to ‘determine their procedures as necessary.’

“At the time, it might have been perfect for the organisation, but thirty years later community groups operate very differently,” said Abby.

The KCA is also considering an online voting facility for people who can’t attend its meetings. “We’ll still be keeping the traditional at-the-meeting vote as well,” said Abby.

In a keynote speech to the meeting, Chris Bloomfield, Reading Borough Council community development manager, will describe plans to improve Katesgrove Lane, Foundry Place and the IDR pedestrian underpass.

The AGM will open at 7pm and start at 7.30pm on 7 October in the conference hall at RISC, 35-39 London Street, RG1 4PS. The meeting is expected to last for an hour and free tea and coffee are available. Attendees can also take advantage of one free drink from the RISC bar!

Lifts are available for people with restricted mobility to and from the Katesgrove Children’s Centre in Waterloo Meadows, starting at 7pm. Please contact katesgrovecommunity@gmail.com to arrange such lifts.

Proxy votes are available for people who can’t make the meeting.


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