ACORN Reading launches renters’ union

ACORN Reading will be holding a #RentersRising event at the Wycliffe Baptist Church, 233 Kings Rd, RG1 4LS on Saturday 15 October to start building a tenants’ rights organisation.

The one day workshop is intended to build the first step towards a #RentersUnion that represents renters and works for improving standards in the private rented sector.

“Renters pay the most to live in the worst conditions with the least security”, said Rob Stirling, ACORN Reading organiser. “Things are just getting worse for renters. Well, we decided not to just sit back and accept it. That’s where the idea of a renters’ union comes from.”

A private sector housing condition survey conducted in 2013 on behalf of Reading Borough Council estimated that Katesgrove and Redlands had amongst the highest rates of private rental housing in the borough, at over 50% of housing stock.

The survey also estimated that 23% of private sector rented accommodation in Reading was classed as non-decent. This was a significant fall from 2006 when the rate was 40%, but the rates of such accommodation containing class 1 hazards such as excessive cold, overcrowding or the risk of falling on steps, remains much the same over the period at just over 10%. 3,844 households with children live in non-decent accommodation, and 55% of such households are exposed to class 1 hazards.

For more information contact Rob Stirling on 07432 473293 or by emailing .


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