Hub and cluster model planned for south Reading GP practices

South Reading CCG logo

The South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the body that plans and purchases health services in south Reading, is continuing to develop its hub and cluster model of GP practices.

In their annual meeting this month, Dr Ishak Nadeem, chair of the CCG governing body, said that the hub and cluster model is designed to allow GP practices to share resources and work in groups of about 30,000 patients.

The CCG say in their vision for developing GP primary care services:

We believe that small GP practices working alone are unlikely to be able to provide the services that patients expect in the future. GPs based in smaller practices are already thinking about effective ways of working together with others.

Other CCG achievements over the last year include 85% of patients requesting an ambulance for time critical and life threatening conditions getting a response within 8 minutes, and 98% of the CCG’s annual £131 million budget going towards patient care.

Cathy Winfield, the chief officer of Berkshire West CCGs said their key objectives over the next year are to improve health outcomes and care experience for people, and to develop an affordable model of healthcare.

Janet Meek, chief financial officer, said that next year will be “extremely challenging” because of the £17 million savings required across Berkshire West.

Further details about the CCG’s achievements over the last year and plans for next year are available in the annual meeting presentation.


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