Zoar Strict Baptist Chapel demolition approved

Zoar Strict Baptist Chapel in 2014

Zoar Strict Baptist Chapel in 2014

The Zoar Strict Baptist Chapel on South Street, a neighbour to the South Street Arts Centre, is to be demolished. Trustees of the chapel made an application to Reading Borough Council giving prior notification of demolition.

Notification of demolition is required because the building is larger than 50 cubic metres. Although a historic building, it is listed neither nationally nor locally, nor is it in a conservation area. It is expected that demolition will take four weeks from start to finish.

Extract from 1879 OS Map of the corner of East Street and South Street

Extract from 1879 OS map of the corner of East Street and South Street

The chapel opened for worship on the 22 October 1869 with sermons from Mr Taylor of Manchester and Mr Warburton. The builder was Mr Barnicoat and it was said to have cost between £600 and £700 [ref 1]. The first baptism was performed in 1870 [ref 2] and on 18 October 1873 it was licensed for marriages [ref 3]. It is shown on the 1879 OS map next to a large garden on the corner of South Street and East Street. The area must have been dominated by Dymore Brown’s Royal Albert Brewery.

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