What are your views on local policing?


The Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Anthony Stansfeld has asked for Reading contributions to his Police and Crime plan, due for publication in spring 2017.

Anybody living or working in the Thames Valley is invited to complete a survey about local policing and crime. It can be completed online, or hard copies can be obtained from the office of the PCC by phoning 01865 846780. The survey will stay open until 30 September 2016.

The survey includes questions like:

How safe do you feel in the area you live?

What, in your opinion, are the most frequent crimes affecting your community?

How good a job do police do in your area?

What more could the police do to reduce crime or make you feel safer?

Have you ever been affected by a crime, either as a victim or a witness?

You don’t have to add your name, but if you do, you can enter a competition to win a £20 shopping voucher.


  1. Thames Valley Police and Crime plan consultation
  2. Police and crime plan