Demolition plans for St Patrick’s Hall

Quadrangle at St Patrick's Hall

Quadrangle at St Patrick’s Hall

Reading University has submitted detailed plans on the demolition and redevelopment of St Patrick’s Hall on Northcourt Avenue, including comments from the local community.

The university began consultations on the redevelopment last year; there were objections from the Victorian Society to which the university responded, and an online petition was started to protest the change.

The university plans to replace the current building, constructed in 1913 and used to house cadets from Royal Flying Corps in the first world war, with more modern accommodation that will increase student capacity.

Local residents are very concerned that the redevelopment will lead to more traffic and parking problems in the area, and some students are worried that the new accommodation will be less affordable.

The consultation period on the detailed plans started on 4 July 2016.


  1. Planning application 161182
  2. Statement of Community Involvement Part 1
  3. Statement of Community Involvement Part 2
  4. Request for screening opinion on St Patrick’s Hall
  5. Protest at proposed demolition of St Patrick’s Hall

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