The cats of Cats’ Grove : Roosevelt


Roosevelt (aka Pelé) is an eight year old long haired brown tabby gib cat who lives on Milman Road.

I’ve become fairly laid back since I lost my knackers to a vet on the Shinfield road. I never discovered what he wanted them for. Mind you, I can still prove my cojones by reducing the higher (well, taller) ape with whom I live to sentimental mush when I get one of my urges to slaughter a bird family.

My hobbies including sitting on my pet ape in such a way that he can’t see the TV, and playing footie with ping pong balls; this is why I was first called Pelé. I do have this odd habit of trotting along next to my ape like a puppy, a trait I put down to my Maine Coon grandad. Gramps also gave me my dense fluffy coat which makes me look a bit like a teddy bear, which is why I’m also called Roosevelt. I’m the only cat I know who can sit carelessly in the rain, and in my younger days I used to burrow through snow until my coat got waterlogged and my pet ape had to dig me out.

I often get smacked around by my sister Kernow, but I sometimes launch sneak attacks of my own. This can go badly wrong because the fur between my toes means I can’t grip the floorboards properly.

Roosevelt and his pet ape can be contacted at You can use the same email address if you would like your Katesgrove cat to be profiled.


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