The cats of Cats’ Grove : Lady La La

Lady La La

Lady La La is a black and white cat who lives on Boults Walk.

Oo la la, I am Lady La La and I love to lounge. I am pictured here on my human’s attractive blue and white striped lounger. I have not always purrsued a life of leisure. My human rescued me from the Cats Protection home at Wargrave, where there was nothing much to do but glare at the other inmates and hiss or purr at the humans, depending on my mood. I am a fickle feline and well matched to my human who has a similar disposition.

I live in Cats’ Grove with the haughty Empress Natasha, with all her hairs and graces. In truth, she is all fur coat and no knickers. I love music, which is maybe why the veterinary human calls me Lady Ga Ga, and Purrcini is a particular favourite.

Lady La La and CND Bob

My best friend is CND Bob the Pink Duck.

Lady La La and her live-in nurse can be contacted at You can use the same email address if you would like your Katesgrove cat to be profiled.


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