Health Centre works to last until end of August

Milman Road Health Centre - Pedestrian Diversion

The extension works at Milman Road Health Centre started in November 2015 are now expected to continue until the end of August 2016.

“Our original end date was 30 June, but as you can see, we are nowhere near that,” said Anne-Marie Dykes, senior manager at the health centre.

“Our contractors accidentally cut through a three phase electricity mains cable in December because the drawings Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) gave us were incorrect. It took two months for SSE to relocate the cable during which time our contractors couldn’t do anything.”

“We’re now looking at the end of August, which is a much more definite time line. We want it all finished as much as local residents do! It’s been hard for us all, but by the end of it we’ll have a lovely health centre and a couple more parking spaces for patients.”


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