The cats of Cats’ Grove : Monty

Monty of Boults Walk

Monty is a nine year old ginger cat who lives on Boults Walk.

I’m Reading born and bred me, and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else as it’s real cushy round ‘ere. I’m a bit of a gourmand and like to visit the local ‘pop up’ eateries in the neighbourhood (well, those establishments with cat flaps anyway).

There’s a couple of snooty old gals, Lala and Natasha, two doors down who turn a blind eye when I sneak into their kitchen. Mind you, cat flaps seem to be much smaller these days so it’s a bit of a squeeze sneaking in for a free meal. I’m not real sure why but my human has started calling me ‘Butterball’ but with two pushy brothers looking over my shoulder I have to make sure I get my fair share doan’ I?

Monty doing some yoga

Hobbies? Well I used to be a bit of an ornithologist much to my human’s disgust; more of a ‘muncher’ than a ‘twitcher’ if you knows what I mean, heh, heh, but I’m far too plump these days to cavort around in trees. Well, better be off to check today’s menus…

Monty and his secretary can be contacted at You can use the same email address if you would like your Katesgrove cat to be profiled.


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