by Kate S. Grove

John Speed's Map of Redding 1611

John Speed’s Map of Redding 1611.  Whitley pump would be just off the bottom right corner of the map

Local campaigners who believe that ‘the internet changes everything’ are seeking to change the name of the town from Reading to Redding.

A spokesperson for Redding not Reading said “it seems ridiculous that we have initiatives to raise the profile of the town, even calling for city status, when in today’s world the main reason for this anonymity is that it’s difficult to find anything on a Google search.”

They continued “it’s not as if Redding is a new name; it’s the name that appears on the oldest map that we have of the town. For most people ‘reading’  is a verb, as in ‘I am reading a book’; the potential for misunderstanding and mispronunciation is inherent in the spelling. Renaming the town Redding would solve this problem.”

If Reading became Redding, it would not be unique in the world. The USA has not only Reading, Pennyslvania, but also Redding, California and Redding, Connecticut.

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  1. Redding not Reading
  2. Redding, California
  3. Redding, Connecticut
  4. Reading, Pennsylvania

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