Twinned with Whitley Pump – A Water Pump in Cambodia

A Cambodian Water Pump

Tim Millikin is cycling round the world with his girlfriend Finola from Reading, UK to Reading, Pennsylvania, USA. He sent us this photograph from Cambodia.

Tim says that although they were able to fill water bottles from the pump, their water filter was broken so they could only use the water for washing. “Never can be too careful,” he said.

Tim and Finola left Reading on 4 May 2015 and so are almost a year into their adventure. They are currently in Thailand and are blogging as they go. If this is your dream trip, then you might be interested in the post from Tim, ‘How I built my own world touring bike for less than £500‘ and the kit list. Even if a trip like this would be your worst nightmare, there is still lots of useful information however you travel, such as Fin and Tim’s Guide to Hanoi Street Food.

They are raising money for two charities; a local charity Royal Berkshire Hospital, and an international one, SOS Children’s Villages. Donations can be made via justgiving.


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