New art gallery opens in Whitley

Whitley has a new public art gallery called Art Scope at the Circle Reading hospital, on the South Side development.

“The gallery has played an important role in the hospital environment for the past four years providing a therapeutic experience for patients, visitors and staff,” said Rukshi Brownlow, the gallery’s curator who displays her own work on Cintra Avenue. “While the gallery will continue to serve this hugely important purpose, we are delighted that we will be bringing the work of these wonderful artists to an even wider audience.”

120 works are featured from over 40 artists such as Tom Cartmill, Andrew FreidinDawn Benson, Richard Goldsmith, Caroline Hulse and Malcolm West.

The Art Scope gallery, which has a café and free parking, is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturdays 8am to 1.30pm and is located at CircleReading, 100 Drake Way, RG2 0NE.


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