Comment on Reading’s Air Quality Action Plan

Congestion at the junction of Silver Street, Crown Street, London Street and London Road

Reading’s air quality action plan is under review and Reading Borough Council are seeking comments on the new proposals.

The updated air quality action plan was submitted to the strategic environment, planning and transport committee on 24 November 2015 and a public consultation is now taking place.

The plan states:

Reading Borough Council is committed to taking action to improve air quality, identifying areas where levels of local air pollutants exceed air quality objectives and working with partners and the community to reduce pollutants and their impacts on health.

The plan includes numerous actions from page seven onwards, some of which have been summarised below.

21 intervention actions such as:

  • Working towards the electrification of the vehicle fleet, which may include the introduction of charging points into car parks and new developments, and the replacement of council fleet vehicles with electric ones where feasible.
  • Using the Reading climate change partnership to increase business participation in reducing emissions through measures such as cycle to work schemes, reducing building energy use and low emission delivery vehicles.
  • Using the planning process to ensure future development does not result in any further deterioration of air quality and,  where possible, results in an improvement in overall environmental quality.

11 education and promotion actions such as:

  • Investigating the feasibility of introducing locally based alert system to inform residents of forecasted pollution episodes.
  • Informing people of the existence of smoke control areas, how to find out if you live in one and what you should or shouldn’t do if you live in one. This will be done through an awareness raising campaign to promote best practice for people heating their homes using wood, coal and other solid fuels.
  • Improving the local environment through planting more trees and plants. The report mentions a 10% increase in numbers by 2030 from a 2010 baseline.

Comments can be sent to:

The deadline is 11 January 2016.


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