Road Sweeper on Milman Road!

Road Sweeper on Milman Road

Road Sweeper on Milman Road

Before Friday 28 August 2015 I had never seen a road sweeper on Milman Road.

As you can imagine, getting a road sweeper up and down Milman Road most days is all but impossible because of parked cars and traffic congestion. However, this brave little road sweeper made it on an exceptionally quiet Friday 28 August at about 11 am, and made us all very happy. If we’d known, we could have even moved our cars to make the sweeping easier!

Next date for your diary for spotting the road sweeper is Friday 11 September.


2 thoughts on “Road Sweeper on Milman Road!

  1. I’ve seen them on Milman Road before, although, as you say, they usually have difficulty cleaning up around cars and near the wall at the west end of the road.


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