Planning applications in Katesgrove, Redlands and Whitley wards for the week ending 20 April

There were six new planning applications for Katesgrove, Redlands and Whitley wards this week. They may be discussed at one of the next Reading Borough Council planning applications committees.

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Reading Cultural Awards 2019

It’s almost the last chance to make Reading Cultural Award 2019 nominations for activities between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019. The deadline for nominations is 26 April 2019.

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“To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.”

The Prinzessin Victoria Luise

This time last year at the Reading Borough Council (RBC) audit and governance committee, council auditors Ernst & Young announced that if they didn’t complete their audit of 2016/17 accounts by 30 April 2018, they would have to pull out until August because their resources were needed elsewhere. A year later and the audit is still ongoing.

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Reading East MP Matt Rodda asks how leaving the EU will affect Thames Valley creative industries

In the House of Commons on 11 April, Matt Rodda (Labour MP for Reading East) asked Margot James, government minister for digital and creative industries, what effect leaving the EU would have on the creative industries of the Thames Valley.

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Council reviews After Dark Night Club licence after noise complaints and police concerns



Reading Borough Council (RBC) will review the premises licence of the After Dark Night Club on London Street, Reading this week, after complaints by local residents of loud music beyond licenced hours, alleged breaches of noise abatement notices, and concern from Thames Valley Police about drug use and violence on the premises.

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